Screens, Conveyors & Grit Removal


The Schloss Mark CI climber screen is one of many custom bar screen designs available from Schloss Engineered Equipment.

The Mark CI is a pin rack climbing bar screen.

The large capacity rake enters the bar rack from the front , upstream side, lifts the screenings, and discharges them above the channel, either onto a conveyor or into a screenings press or receptacle.

The Mark CI open frame facilitates easy maintenance and servicing.

It can be operated either inclined or vertically. Features include hardened, zero degree, pressure angle cogs for precision engagement with the pin rack and hardened roller bushed pin rack for long life.

The custom designed nature of the Mark CI allows the customer to choose the desired degree of corrosion resistance from a spectrum of various alloys, steels and coatings.




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The WEMCO Hydrogritter components are designed as a system to optimize each piece of equipment – both mechanically and hydraulically – to consistently produce long-term, high performance grit removal – automatically – with unmatched reliability, and low operation and maintenance costs. The WEMCO Hydrogritter, Cyclone and Classifier Dewatering Separator system removes and dewaters grit from primary sludge or influent. Protects other equipment from damage and delivers clean, dewatered product for safe transport and disposal.


  • The proven grit removal and dewatering system.
  • Protect downstream equipment from grit damage.
  • Proven ability to remove fine (+150 mesh) grit.
  • Unit located for convenient grit disposal into truck, dumpster, etc.
  • Clean, reliable, automatic grit removal.
  • All components are mining-proven for maximum reliability to provide the most cost-effective trouble-free system available in the market place.



TEKLEEN® water filters are the industry’s highest quality automatic, self-cleaning water filters and strainers. Specializing in providing industrial water filters and irrigation filters, Automatic Filters Inc. has created the leading water filter brand catering to some of the world’s largest customers.

A TEKLEEN® water filter will save you time and money that would otherwise be spent cleaning and replacing cartridges, bags, screens, & spray nozzles. Rinsing lasts only 4-15 seconds and uses less than 4-30 gallons of water without interrupting the main flow. We offer SST filters at carbon steel prices.



ABW Series
Automatic Back-Wash (ABW) Series filters are available in a wide range of industrial configurations. The filters can be custom manufactured to meet a wide range of industrial applications such as: ASME coded, sea water, high temperature, high pressure, and much more.


MTF Series
TEKLEEN® Minitwist series are low-flow, fully automatic, self-cleaning water filtration systems. These filters can handle flow rates from 1-600 gpm with screens as small as 10µ. The MTF filters use very little water for rinsing so the main flow is not interrupted. MTF Series are rated to 150 psi and 210°F.


LPF Series
The Low Pressure Filter (LPF) series is an all new line of fully automatic, self-cleaning water filters with working pressure as low as 15 psi and as high as 150 psi.


OBF Series
Automatic self-cleaning water filters in stainless steel — at the same low price of carbon steel. OBF Series filters are maintenance free and range from 2” to 12” and offer filtration down to 10µ.


CSB Series
Course Screen Brush filters are designed to filter contaminates such as algae, clams, zebra mussels, fish, and leaves from open water sources.


CSF Series
The Coarse Screen Flush filter series was specially designed for applications that don’t require fine filtration. Filters are automatic and self-cleaning, activated by a blow off that opens by differential pressure, timer, or manually for a very short duration.


Skid Series
Filter Skids are the compact and immediate, turnkey solution for many filtration needs. The skids are easily transported by a fork lift to any mounting locations. Light in weight and small in size, they offer a wide flow from 10-1,300 gpm and a filtration range from 10µ – 2,000µ in high quality SST construction at competitive prices.