Self Cleaning Wet Wells

Fairbanks Nijhuis Trench Style Wet Well Systems Consist of Fairbanks Nijhuis VTSH vertical turbine solids handling pump in a trench type wet well.

Trench type wet wells for solids bearing liquids can be cleaned utilizing sump geometry to create a scouring hydraulic “jump” to clean both floating and settled solids.

Frequency of cleaning cycles is dependent upon local conditions and is performed by the operator.


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Hidrostal Pre-Rotation Pumping Systems

Consisting of a Hidrostal screw centrifugal pump and a prerotation basin, geometry and gravity are the main working components in this unique pump station design.

Every pump cycle creates a cleaning cycle automatically before it stops.

Not only can this design significantly reduce maintenance costs but it can be used as a flow matching system to reduce the need for constant starts and stops during peak flows. 

Image - Wemco (Pre-Ro) Self Cleaning Wet Well

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