Sewage Pumps

Fairbanks Morse

For over a century, Fairbanks Morse has been manufacturing a wide range of pumps for applications in public works and industrial installations. These include dry pit and submersible solids-handling, dry pit and submersible recessed impeller, vertical line shaft and submersible turbine, mixed-flow and axial-flow propeller pumps, horizontal and vertical split case, a complete line of FM-Approved and UL Listed fire pumps (both electric motor and diesel engine driven), domestic jet and submersible well pumps.

Our 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility, located in the heart of the United States, provides advanced engineering and technology, a major testing facility for product performance evaluation, and computerized machining centers for high-quality manufacturing techniques. Fairbanks Morse sales and service facilities are located across the United States and throughout the world.

At Fairbanks Morse our longevity, engineered products, R&D programs, market leadership and customer service are the direct result of the quality and dedication of our personnel.


Image of a FMPC Sewage Pump
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Image of a FMPC Sewage Pump RAS4

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Image of a FMPC Sewage Pump RD2

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Wemco Pump

WEMCO® is the market leading US brand for vortex and screw impeller pumps in wastewater, solids and high grit applications, especially amongst municipal customers such as New York City. A strong distribution network supports the high recognition in this diverse market.

The standard of toughness and durability against which all other abrasive grit and sludge pumps are measured. Easily moves pipe size solids without clogging. Abrasion resistant construction.


  • Industry’s Toughest Grit-Handling Vortex Pump.
  • Durability and performance unmatched by any other grit-handling vortex slurry pump.
  • Abrasion-resistant alloy extends pump wear life.
  • Generous wear allowances.
  • Hydraulic design of cupped impeller minimises wear.
  • Extra-thick wet-end parts.
  • Oversize shafts, and 100,000-hour bearings.

No other pump offers more quality or experience-proven features than Hidrostal to insure reliability and unsurpassed performance. The range is available in cast iron construction with an abrasion resistant option of high chrome iron impeller and suction liner.


Wemco Torque Pump

Wemco Torque Pump

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Wemco Grit Pump

Image of Wemco Grit pump

Moyno Pumps

Moyno, Inc. is a global leader in the design and development of the progressing cavity pump. Its technological advancements have resulted in superior fluids handling solutions for a wide range of applications including water-like liquids and shear-sensitive fluids, as well as viscous, abrasive, solids-laden slurries and sludges.

Through advanced, in-house research and development, experienced engineers apply innovative design enhancements that differentiate Moyno products from the competition. The resulting enhanced customer value stems from the combination of proprietary Moyno Ultra® Technologies and extensive application knowledge.

In addition to handling transfer, feed and metering applications with its extensive line of Moyno, R&M progressing cavity pumps, Moyno also offers proprietary equipment and systems for multiphase fluid transfer applications. Patented Moyno single-shaft and twin-shaft grinders are also available for effective solids reduction.

Moyno, Inc. maintains the largest in-field inventory of progressing cavity pumps and genuine Moyno replacement parts in North America through a premier distribution network. This network is linked via an intranet to ensure availability and minimize downtime. Well-trained and experienced, the Moyno distribution network offers a variety of preventative maintenance, service and repair services. It’s all part of the Moyno package that provides low total cost of ownership and true customer value. 

Moyno 2000 HS Systems

Moyno delivers superior performance with Ultra-Technology innovations



Positive Displacement Lobe Pumps

  • Run Dry: Warranted against damage for periods up to 30 minutes. 
  • Complete Wet-End Rebuilds In-line: Change Lobes, Mechanical Seals, Lip Seals, and Wear Plates without disturbing the suction and discharge piping. 
  • Pulsation Free: Only Hi-Flo™ lobes provide smooth operation throughout the entire pumping range. 
  • Self Priming: Suction Lift Up to 25 feet wet. 
  • HiFlo Rotors: SBR, Buna-N, EPDM, Viton, Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel and Plastic. 
  • Wet End Materials: Standard in Grey Cast Iron, Optional in 316 Stainless Steel. 
  • Solids Passing: Up to 2 1/2″. 
  • Compact Size: Small footprint means reduced construction and fabrication costs. 
  • Quiet: Only 78 dB at 3 Feet. 
  • Shear Sensitive: Gentle pumping and pulsation free operation is perfect for eliminating liquid shear. 

Municipal & Industrial Wastewater
Designed for waste water applications, our pumps can be placed in a variety of positions throughout your facility. Applications include: Flocculate Metering, Sludge Dewatering to 18% Solids, Oil-Water Separation, DAF Sludge, Belt Filter Press and centrifuge feed, raw sewage, primary, secondary, and scum.

Industrial & Chemical Facilities
Our pumps can easily handle many applications in Industrial and Chemical Plants. Applications include: Chemicals, Coatings, Adhesives, acids, akalines, pastes, emulsions, feed stock and semi-finished. In a refinery application, pumping number 6 fuel oil at 1500 gpm, at 110 psig from multiple holding tanks to waiting ships. The same pump is also run in reverse to unload the incoming ships.


Image of a Vogelsang Sewage Pump

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Image of a Vogelsang Sewage Pump Installed


F. E. Myers Packaged Residential Wastewater Pumping Stations

Myers engineered wastewater products are known throughout the market for quality, value, innovation and reliability.

Grinder Pumps

  • A market leader in the development and installation of grinder pump systems.
  • 2 HP through 15 HP grinder pumps with lifts to 260 feet and flows to 190 GPM
  • Offered as complete turnkey systems or engineered to specification
  • Computer system design and selection programs available for design assistance
  • Explosion-proof construction available



Submersible Grinder Pump System

Non-Clogs Pumps

  • 3″ discharge through 12″ discharge with 2″ to 5.25″ solids handling
  • 1 HP through 125 HP Lifts to 280 feet and flows to 8000 GPM
  • Computer system design and selection programs available
  • Liquid level controls
  • Explosion-proof construction available

Non-Clog Pumps