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Primex Controls

PRIMEX offers a variety of float-based and transducer-based pump controllers to suit most municipal and industrial water control applications.  With complete in-house printed circuit board (PCB) capabilities, our controllers represent the most reliable integration of engineering and manufacturing in the industry. Utilizing the latest in electronic assembly techniques and equipment, including J-Standard Certification, you can be sure quality is built into every controller.

One of our greatest strengths is our expertise in the municipal water control industry.  All of our pump controllers incorporate features that reduce the amount of field expertise required to operate the system.

Toshiba Instruments

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Toshiba’s electromagnetic flow meters are ideal for industries such as power generation, HVAC, water/wastewater treatment, pulp & paper, metals, and food & beverage. Features include 0.2% accuracy, built-in surge protection and minimum straight pipe run.

Microwave Sludge Density Meter

A microwave sludge density meter uses microwave phase difference measurement to measure the density of sludge flowing in the pipe.
Without mechanical moving parts for cleaning, sampling and defoaming, it can continuously measure sludge density.