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Dakota Pump Packaged Wastewater Pumping Systems

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Dakota Pump’s product line has expanded over the years to include package pump systems for both the wastewater and clean water markets. Although flooded suction pump stations remain the mainstay of DPI’s wastewater product line, the grade mounted vacuum prime pumping stations, because of low maintenance and operational efficiencies, is fast recovering the ground lost to the cost conscious submersible pump market.

The pneumatic ejector and self-priming pump stations round out the wastewater line. DPI’s lines of package water booster pump stations is limited only to the requirements of each individual project. The addition of grade mounted pump stations, specialty control valve vaults and meter vaults has fully rounded out the water booster station line.

Wet Well-mounted Vacuum Primed Sewage Pump Station


F. E. Myers Turnkey Pump Solutions

Myers, an industry leading complete turnkey company, providing engineered wastewater systems. Myers provides the most comprehensive personal engineered services available in the industry by assisting engineers, architects, developers and regional planners project assistance from the design inception through final product installation for their customized pressure sewer system.

Myers Collection System Design (CSD) assistance provides the most complete hydraulic modeling service in the industry. Myers CSD program simplifies, assists and provides quick results to engineers designing collection systems. Engineer’s topographical drawings can be incorporated into the CSD program.

Myers Collection System Design service provides complete system detailed results including; flow capacities, head requirements, pipe size, pipe velocity, hydraulic grade and elevation, proper pump selection as well as pipe length and cost estimate. Myers offers these results in tabular form as well as illustrations on drawings provided to the Myers representative.

Myers Collection System Design service can be utilized for all types of pumps including grinders, non-clogs, effluent and small solids handling pumps. We can also accommodate a mixture of pump brands to assure you of system compatibility.Upon design completion and approval, Myers will custom manufacture, test and ship on time the pump systems per your exact specifications. Myers experienced nationwide network of technicians and service centers handle system start-up and maintenance requirements to assure the collection system constantly operates at peak efficiencies.


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Flowtronex Packaged Water Booster Pumping Systems

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Reliability and efficiency require team players. Flowtronex engineers work directly with your staff to confirm your specific needs, create accurate designs and put in place the myriad details that make up your project.

Special attention is paid to every detail to ensure the customer’s exact needs are met. Our staff of qualified engineers expends every effort to provide a finished product that will be welcomed by the customer.

A strong focus on the details helps Flowtronex provide first class customer satisfaction.

Daily production meeting keep production personnel in time with Engineering.

Quality control checks help Engineering monitor each job for any deviation from the plan.

Lastly, before your station ships, we again confirm that the job has been completed to your specifications.


Image of Flowtronex BPS

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Image of Flowtronex Packaged Pump System


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Image of Flowtronex Pump System


Motor Controls Inc. (MCI)

MCI is raising the standard on pump station reliability, efficiency and intelligent operation with our pre-engineered, pre-fabricated ENDURANCE packaged pump stations. For over 30 years MCI has been meet-ing our customers exact requirements on time, every time. 

Sustainability and high efficiency is of primary concern in todays water and power generation. MCI is leading the way with the Endurance pump system which incorporates hardened components, high effi-cient pumps and motors and advanced controls. 

MCI’s custom manufacturing capabilities include structural and pipe fabrication to AWWA and Hydraulic Institute standards, pipe coatings to AWWA and NSF requirements, maximum wire to water efficiency design, control panel fabrication and advanced programming. Our advanced structural design standards, coupled with our powder coat capabilities, allows MCI to meet the stringent and harsh environmental needs for engineered package pump station installations worldwide. Custom solutions for Municipal ap-plications include SCADA integration, NSF coatings and self-contained buildings.

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Precision Systems

Power-Pac modules are the perfect answer for dependable power located outdoors. These pre-engineered packaged power plants come full assembled and prewired. The weatherproof fiberglass enclosure provides the generator, support equipment and controls with a protected environment. Reliable emergency performance, greater life expectancy and easier maintenance are achieved.

Power-Pac weatherproof standby power module – Up to 250KW
The Twin-Pac is Precision System’s dependable solution to the problem of power loss and resulting wet well flooding. Totally encased in a weatherproof module, the pre-engineered Twin-Pac contains the generator system, controls, fuel tank and exhaust system to provide automatic pumping of the wet well even during power failure. The seamless reinforced fiberglass enclosure hides the contents of the station from view, offers an attractive station, decreases the maintenance of the enclosed equipment, and increases the equipment life.

Twin-Pac standby power and submersible pumping unit.



Dry Prime Diesel Driven Portable Pump Systems – long run times between refueling, enclosures for low noise, dry running and snoring capability, Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller for rag free operation, manual or automatic controls, dry prime to lifts of 28 feet.Applications Include but not limited to:

  • Permanent installation for pump station Redundancy/Standby Pumping
  • Temporary by-pass station
  • Clarifier/Digester/Tank Cleaning and Dewatering
  • Flood Control
  • Construction Site Dewatering
  • Well Pointing
  • Bentonite Pumping

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